Cabin Hardware

  • Teak Tray with Rubber Caulking

    Nauteak Marine

    Teak Tray with Caulking

    This popular caulked teak tray is perfect for your boat, at home or in the garden. Made from the same materials used on a boat's deck, this authentic nautical tray makes a great gift. As beautiful as it is practical. Part...

  • Brass Rectangular Hit & Miss Vents - Slide

    Davey and Company

    Brass Rectangular Hit & Miss Vents - Slide

    Brass rectangular hit and miss vents in a range of sizes. Made entirely of brass in the UK by Davey & Co. Part NumberSize (W x H)StyleDavey's Product Code CBS-022658 6" x 3" (150mm x 75mm) One row of slots 8542/BR/150/075 CBS-022659 6" x 6"...

  • Teak Table Top - Octagonal

    Nauteak Marine

    Nauteak Marine Teak Boat Table Top - Octagonal

    Nauteak Marine teak tables & accessories are recognised for their beautiful design and high standard of production. Octagonal teak boat table with, traditional compass rose design embedded in the middle. A 4mm high edging extends along the...

  • Teak Table Top - Half Elipse

    Nauteak Marine

    Nauteak Marine Teak Table Top - Half Ellipse

    This popular teak boat table provides ample area with curved lines. A traditional compass rose design embedded in the middle gives a touch of nautical class. The 4mm high edging extends along the sides and ends of the table to help prevent...

  • Folding Teak Boat Tables

    Nauteak Marine

    Nauteak Marine Teak Table - Folding Rectangular

    Nauteak Marine teak tables & accessories are recognised for their beautiful design and high standard of production. Double folding teak table with hidden stainless steel hinges engineered to provide a space-saving alternative to a full size rigid...

  • Cast Brass Vent

    Davey and Company

    Brass Cast Round Grill - Heavy

    Heavy solid cast brass grille produced in the UK by Davey & Co. Polished finish and available in two sizes. SKU Diameter Davey's Product Code 022663B 6-1/4" (160mm) 8543/BR/159

  • Brass Caged Light

    Brass Bulkhead Light - Small, Oval LED

    Designed and manufactured in Italy, this solid brass bunker light has a heavy frosted glass lens and features an 9W warm white LED. Four thumb screws and a marine-grade rubber seal secures the glass to the brass casing. The all-brass...

  • Rubber deck tread

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Deck Tread Pad - Black

    Brass deck pads from Italy with black PVC inserts.  These stylish rectangular brass deck treads contain a central PVC insert.  Not only a valuable safety item, these treads add style and glamour to wooden speedboats and other vessels...

    $30.64 $33.11
  • Brass Toggle Fastener

    Davey and Company

    Brass Toggle Fastener - Vertical to Horizontal

    Brass fastener for hatches, windows and other closures. Suited for use where vertical-to-horizontal fixing is required. These toggle fasteners are available in both polished brass and chrome plated brass finish. Note that screws are not included. SKU...

  • Brass Cabin Light

    Davey and Company

    Brass Night Vision Deck Head Light

    A traditionally-styled ‘jelly mould’ frosted glass brass cabin light by Davey & Co. This cabin light comes fitted with a red/white LED within a heavy brass housing. When first switched on it always glows red to preserve night vision. If...

  • Round Brass Outdoor Light

    Brass Outdoor Light - Round

    Solid brass outdoor lights designed and manufactured in Italy. These round brass lights have a thick clear glass lens designed to defuse light. Three thumb screws and a marine-grade rubber seal secures the glass to the brass casing...

  • Brass Handle - 270mm

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Bow Handle

    Solid brass handles made in Italy.  These brass handles are suitable as a bow fitting on timber speed boats, along with other applications such as door handles. Available in two sizes, these brass handles can also be chrome plated to match existing...

  • Davey Counter Flap Hinge

    Davey and Company

    Brass Counter Top Hinge

    Premium quality brass counter-top hinges from Davey & Co of England.  These dove-tail brass hinges have a clear lacquer coating to keep them looking bright. They allow a benchtop flap to open and fold over through 180 degrees. Manufactured from...

  • Bronze Ladder Set

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Boarding Ladder Set (4 piece)

    This four piece bronze ladder frame set from Davey comprises of two eyes and two bronze ladder frames. Construct your own timber ladder using the bronze frames to create an easily removable boarding ladder. SKU Eye Dimension (A x B) Frame Width...

  • Brass Hatch Lifter

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Hatch Ring Pull

    Solid polished brass hatch lifter with a stainless steel pin. Available in polished brass or chrome plated brass finish. SKU Width Length Height 130344 2-1/8" (54mm) 3" (75mm) 3/8" (10mm)

  • Polished Brass Hatch Stay

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Window Stay (pair)

    Solid brass adjusters suitable for windows, hatches and skylights.  Made by Foresti & Suardi in Italy, these robust fittings are locked in position by turning the wheel clamp. Available in one size only, this fitting is also available...

  • Brass Butt Hinge

    Davey and Company

    Davey Brass Butt Hinge

    Brass butt hinges with a brass pin in a range of sizes.  These brass hinges have a satin finish. Note - brass screws are sold separately. SKU Length Width (open) Thickness of Leaf Davey Product Code Suits Screws 026955  1"...

  • Brass Hatch Lock

    Davey and Company

    Brass Hold-Down Bolt

    Manufactured in brass by UK company Davey, these strong securing screws are ideal for skylights, hatches, etc. Note that the fitting is designed to secure a door from 3/8"mm to 3/4"mm thick - but ideally around 1/2".  The hinged part of the locking...