• Teak Tray with Rubber Caulking

    Nauteak Marine

    Teak Tray with Caulking

    This popular caulked teak tray is perfect for your boat, at home or in the garden. Made from the same materials used on a boat's deck, this authentic nautical tray makes a great gift. As beautiful as it is practical. Part...

  • Brass Round Hit & Miss Vent - Slide

    Davey and Company

    Brass Round Hit & Miss Vent - Slide

    Traditional brass round vent in the "Hit & Miss" style. A slide control is used to open and close the vent. Also available in chrome plated brass and stainless steel. Part NumberSizeDavey's Product Code CBS-022650 4"...

  • Brass Rectangular Vents - Square Holes

    Davey and Company

    Brass Rectangular Vents - Square Holes

    Brass vents with square holes. Made in the UK by Davey & Co. Part NumberSize (W x H)Davey's Product Code 022678 6" x 3" (150mm x 75mm) 8549/BR/150/075 022679 9" x 3" (228mm x 75mm) 8549/BR/225/075 022680 9" x 6" (228mm x...

  • Cast Brass Vent

    Davey and Company

    Brass Cast Round Grill - Heavy

    Heavy solid cast brass grille produced in the UK by Davey & Co. Polished finish and available in two sizes. SKU Diameter Davey's Product Code 022663A 3-1/4" (82mm) 8544/BR 022663B 6-1/4" (160mm) 8543/BR/159

  • Brass Vent Cover

    Brass Louvre Vent

    Classic brass louvre-style ventilators in a range of sizes for various applications on the boat from simple airflow to heating grills and covers for deck vents. SKUWidthHeightSlat StyleDavey Product Code 022664 6" (150mm) 3" (75mm) One...

  • Brass Vent - Small Round Hit and Miss

    Davey and Company

    Brass Round Hit & Miss Vent

    Brass "Hit & Miss" ventilators from Davey.  These solid brass twist-type vents are ideal for cabin berths and other areas below decks. These brass vents are of the highest quality and come complete with brass screws for fastening. Note that...