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Copper Nails

Square shank copper nails are available in a range of gauges from 6g down to 16g.  With nail gauges, the higher the gauge the narrower the nail - this is the opposite to screw gauges.

Square copper nails are often combined with copper roves to create rivets.  Copper rivets are an important component of traditionally-built boats as they are used to fasten the timber planks together and to internal frames.  The square shaft of the copper nail is forced through the under-sized round hole of the rove, allowing the rove to grip the nail.  The end of the copper nail is then snipped off to length and the excess copper is squashed (or peened) over the rove to create a lasting rivet that will be impervious to sea water and last for many years.

Copper nails are also used for securing slate roof tiles on houses.  Our copper sheathing nails have a large clout-like head (around 8mm) and a short round smooth shank.  This makes them ideal for fastening copper sheet to the hulls of boats.  The large head holds the copper sheet well and the smooth shank means that the nail can be removed easily and without causing hull damage when the copper eventually needs replacing.

Our copper nails are sold in units of 100 grams.  For example, to order 1.5 kilograms you need to order a quantity of 15.  The price will automatically be discounted as you order more - see details on each product page for details.

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