Deck Hardware

  • Teak Flag Poles

    Nauteak Marine

    Teak Flag Poles

    High-quality teak flag poles produced from renewable plantation teak. Available in four lengths, these unique flag poles can be left natural, oiled or varnished. They come complete with a teak cleat and stainless steel socket liner and will fit any 1"...

  • Fixed Bronze Deadlight - Polished

    Classic Boat Supplies

    Fixed Bronze Deadlight - Polished

    Solid bronze non-opening portlights made in Australia. Featuring a decorative concentric ring pattern, these fived deadlights are available in a range of sizes. Also available with a chrome plated finish. Part NumberGlass DiameterOverall...

  • Bulls Eye

    Tufnol Bullseye

    These bulls-eyes are produced from tufnol - a hard-wearing product created from fabric impregnated with resin phenolic resin resembling timber. Available in two sizes, these bullseyes offer a versatile solution to many rigging challenges. SKU...

  • Mast Traveller

    Bronze Mast Traveller - Unleathered

    This elegant welded bronze ring fitting is unleathered. Leathererd mast travellers are also available. Bronze mast travellers are used on lug-rigged boats such as Iain Oughtred's Caledonian Yawl. The traveller controls the yard while hoisting and...

  • Bronze Rudder Fitting

    Bronze Rudder Gudgeon - Vertical

    A gunmetal bronze vertical rudder gudgeon, ideal for canoe stern and other narrow stern vessels. Available to accept 10mm and 12mm pintles, these gudgeons can be chrome plated to match existing deck hardware.  SKU Pin...

  • Sail Track Stopper


    Bronze T-Track Stoppers

    Wilmex polished bronze stoppers to suit different bronze T-tracks. SKU Suits Track Width Height Length Fastening Wilmex Product Code 170157 3/4" (20mm)  3/4" (20mm)  - - - ST.20 170158 1" (25mm)  1" (25mm)  12mm 43mm 6mm ST.25 ...

  • Antique Boat Horn

    Davey and Company

    Brass Electric Horn

    New from Davey & Co, this vibrating electric marine horn is of all-brass construction with a spun body and trumpet complemented with brass fastenings and bracket. This horn uses a similar mechanism to that found on most cars, and is not unlike a...

  • Bronze Ring Bolt

    Bronze Ring Bolts - Polished

    Gunmetal bronze eye bolts with ring available in two sizes as standard.  These polished bronze ring bolts are made in Australia and are perfect for attaching a painter to a tender. Custom ring bolts with longer shafts, etc. can be cast to your...

  • Bronze Flag Holder

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Flag Pole Socket - Button & Cleat

    Gunmetal bronze flag pole sockets by Davey & Co.  These beautifully finished flag sockets come complete with an integral cleat and button for tying off the flag halyard. Available in a range of sizes to suit different staff diameters...

  • Wooden Parrel Beads

    Davey and Company

    Timber Parrel Beads

    Parrel beads are normally used to hold the jaws of a sliding gaff to the mast.   Our wooden parrel beads are turned from Ash and coated with linseed oil.  They are manufactured by Davey & Co. in England and are available in a range of...

  • Timber Cleat - Teak Cleat

    Davey and Company

    Wooden Cleats - Teak

    Teak cleats from Davey & Co.  These quality timber cleats add warmth and style to any vessel. Available in a range of sizes, teak timber cleats can be made up to 20" (50cm) by special order. SKU Length Base Width Base Length Davey's Product...

  • Locking Fuel Cap

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Fuel Cap - Lockable

    Lockable brass fuel filler cap by Foresti & Suardi of Italy.  These quality brass fittings come complete with an in-built plastic lock, two keys and a tethered screw cap. Available in two sizes to suit fuel hoses with an ID of 38mm or 50mm...

  • Bronze furling system

    Davey and Company

    Wykeham Martin Furling Gear - Drum Only

    Wykeham Martin drum available in four sizes according to sail area (see table below).  This bronze self-furling drum pairs with the bronze Wykeham Martin top swivel (sold separately) to create a complete bronze furling system in the traditional...

  • Bronze Fairlead - G-Chock

    Spartan Marine Hardware

    Bronze Fairlead - G-Chock (Pair)

    Solid bronze G-chocks from Spartan Marine.  Sold in pairs, these chocks have a burnished bronze finish. SKU Length Width Height Hole Centres Spartan's Code 180341 4" (107mm) 1-1/8" (28mm) 1-1/4" (35mm) 3-1/4"...

  • Bronze Spurling Pipe by Davey & Co.

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Chain Pipe

    Traditional gunmetal bronze chain pipe (or spurling pipe) by Davey & Co. These sturdy fittings are available with a variety of inside diameters to suit both small and large vessels. They can be chrome-plated or left as a natural bronze finish.  ...

  • Glass Deck Prism

    Davey and Company

    Glass Only for Deck Light Prism - Rectangular

    Replacement solid glass rectangular deck prisms manufactured in England by Davey & Co. These glass prisms are replacements for Davey part numbers 2411/GM/225/075, 2411/GM/250/087 & 2411/GM/312/112. The glass prisms are produced today...

  • Brass mast track pictured with Davey's bronze slugs (sold separately)

    Brass Sail Track - Internal (per 90cm)

    Extruded brass track by Davey & Co.  This track is sold units of 90cm (such as 90, 180, 270cm etc.) and is supplied undrilled. Where more than 90cm is ordered we will attempt to dispatch in uncut lengths where the limits of the courier...

  • External Brass Track by Davey & Co.

    Brass Track - External (per 90cm)

    Extruded brass track by Davey & Co.  This track is sold by 90cm lengths (such as 90, 180, 270cm etc.) and is supplied undrilled. Where more than 90cm is ordered we will attempt to dispatch in uncut lengths where the limits of the courier...

  • Brass Window Ring

    Foresti & Suardi

    Brass Portlight Frames - Round

    Lightweight brass portlight frames.  These brass rings have a polished finish and are ideal for boats used on enclosed waters or architectural use in buildings and homes looking for a nautical theme. Other uses for these brass rings include viewing...

  • Bronze skin fittings

    Bronze Skin Fittings

    New Zealand-made gunmetal bronze skin fittings made from heavy duty polished gunmetal bronze with a tapered outer head to reduce drag. These bronze fittings come complete with a solid backing nut and a long shaft for easy valve connection.  They...