• Brass Rowlock (single)

    Brass Rowlock (single)

    Small brass rowlocks sold individually, complete with a brass rowlock socket. These small oarlocks have a locking shaft which, once inserted into the rowlock socket, prevents the rowlock from jumping out. These brass rowlocks are for light rowing...

  • Brass Lights

    Brass Light - Oval Eyelid

    A classically styled surface mounted light manufactured in polished brass and fitted with a frosted lens. Supplied with a 70 lumens LED strip light as standard, additional LED strip can be ordered separately to double the light output. Available in...

  • Brass Clock

    Brass Clocks

    Brass ship's clock suitable for use at home or onboard vessels, these brass clocks feature a solid brass case and a precision movement from Japan. The clock face is marked with 12-hour and 24-hour numerals. Available in a range of sizes, with the...

  • Brass Barometer

    Brass Barometers

    Brass ship's barometers indcate the barometric pressure, and can be a good indicator of impending weather changes. Suitable for use at home or onboard vessels, these brass barometers feature a solid brass case and a German-made precision movement...

  • Antique Bathroom Roll Holder

    Bronze Toilet Roll Holder

    Cast from bronze, this decorative, traditional-style toilet roll holder has a timber roller.  Made in England by Davey & Co, this item is suitable in bathrooms on land and at sea. SKU Overall Width Overall...