• Seizing Twine

    Langman Ropes

    Seaming Twine - Hempflax 200g

    Produced from premium quality 100% natural flax fibres spun into a strong seaming twine. The long flax yarns makes this twine smooth and strong. Great for delicate work, sewing, stitching, model ship rigging, etc. Sold in 200 gram spools. SKU...

  • Tarred Marlin

    Langman Ropes

    Tarred Hempex 4mm (100m)

    High quality tarred marline manufactured in Europe from Langman's Hempex polypropylene rope. This synthetic line has a 3-ply construction and has been soaked in tar to provide a long-lasting traditional solution for servings and other uses on tall ships...

  • Tarred Marline

    Langman Ropes

    Tarred Marline 2-Ply (3mm)

    2-ply natural hemp line soaked in Stockholm tar to create quality tarred marline of around 3mm in diameter. Manufactured in Holland by Langman Ropes, this high quality product is a truly authentic solution for marlinspike work,  servings and other...