Rowing Equipment - Oars & Rowlocks

  • Gull Paddle

    Gull Oars & Paddles

    Wooden Paddle

    Wooden paddles sold individually. These all-timber paddles are manufactured from radiata pine timber and have a varnished finish. Note that part RWB-4341 has a yellow plastic handle (not timber). Ideal for canoes. SKU Length Blade...

  • Bronze Oarlocks

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Rowlock - Even (single)

    Davey gunmetal bronze rowlocks with even forks. Sold individually (not as pairs), these bronze rowlocks can be chrome plated to order however an additional charge applies. One rectangular bronze socked is included.  Additional oarlock sockets...

  • Side-mounted bronze socket

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Rowlock Sockets - Side Mount Short

    Side-mounted gunmetal bronze rowlock sockets to complement Davey's rowlocks.  These sockets are designed to accept 1/2" rowlock stems.  The price shown is for a single rowlock socket. SKU Socket Style Width Top Depth Side Depth Stem Diameter...