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Halvorsen Clinker Speedboat 16' (1952) (Magnetic Island, Australia)

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16 ft. Halvorsen clinker speedboat (1952) plus cover & trailer for sale.


Contact Details

For further details and discussion please contact the owner on 0448 581 800, or email info(at)tropicanatours.com.au

General Description

We are reluctantly offering our 16 ft. Halvorsen speedboat to a new custodian, as we want to focus our efforts on our 1923 classical gaff ketch. The speedboat was built at the Halvorsen yard in Bobbin Head north of Sydney in 1952, and there were only two speedboats of this size ever being built by Halvorsen. One perished in a fire in their boat yard many years ago, this is apparently the other one. We have verified the identity with the Halvorsen club in Sydney.

The boat was found 2005 in a very dilapidated state in a boat yard in Port Macquarie / NSW and was fully rebuilt and restored by a shipwright in 2005 and 2006. The boat still has the original hull, but new deck beams, a new mahogany strip-planked topside, new interior, upholstery and a new engine & gearbox were installed. Sanding, painting and varnishing were performed every year.

The engine is a P76 Leyland V8, 4.4 litre, fully rebuilt from top to bottom and regularily serviced by a car mechanic. The engine has been professionally marinised, is water-cooled and generates approx. 210 hp / 155 kW. The gearbox is made by Borg-Warner with a water-cooled transmission cooler and has "Forward" and "Reverse" gears. The boat has a custom Bell housing; marinising, supports and hull strengthening were done by Diecon Engineering.

The boat sits on a customised 2005 Australian RV double-axle trailer and is fully protected by a tailor-made Sunbrella cover. Trailer and cover together already represent a replacement value of more than 10,000 AUD.

The boat has seen fresh and salt water. It can be easily run in salt water, as engine & cooling can be run and purged with freshwater on the boat ramp or at home after use in salt water.

This speedboat is in top condition and as rare as hen's teeth. It would suit the wooden boat connoisseur who is looking for an as-new classic speedboat that is different to the usual Lewis and Everinghams, the classical water ski lover, or would also work well as a family boat or as a tender for a bigger yacht.

Further information on Halvorsen as a premium boat builder, as well as the Halvorsen's family history, can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lars_Halvorsen_Sons_Pty._Ltd.

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