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Sloop Rigged 14'6" Navigator (Tweed River, NSW Australia)

John Welsford Designed Navigator For Sale

Lovingly built example of the NZ-designed Navigator

Price: AUD12,500

Owner's Contact Details

Email: gregghub(at)gmail.com

General Description

This hand built 14'6" New Zealand design 'Navigator', is of ply construction and was built from build plans. A number of rigs were available to build and the Sloop rig was chosen for this particular example.

The build followed the plans up until the final stages where upon the design was modified to suit the owner's physical disabilities. The modifications inclide:

  • The tiller was replaced by a helm and rudder for greater comfort to helmsman.
  • Fold down comfortable seats were installed again to give skipper and crew greater comfort while under way.
  • A winch was been installed to raise and lower the centre board, again to allow for the owner's disability.
  • The mast is in 2 pieces but left as one piece to save on time when launching and retrieving the boat.
  • The mast has an articulated foot so as to allow single person standing of the mast. The owner transports the mast on their vehicle with no allowances for transport on boat and trailer.
  • As the boat was intended for long trips on the Tweed river, an outboard motor mount was installed to provide propulsion when not sailing. A 4 hp motor was more than adequate to enjoy the days outing.
  • The boat is transported on a custom made tilt trailer including an electric winch and battery for boat retrieval.

Although rigged and ready for sails, they are yet to be purchased. The build plans dictates that the Jib is 3.9sq/m in size and the main should be 12sq/m in size. Note that a price adjustment when the sails are fitted will apply.

Given that this boat was to be a river boat, provisions in the build allowed for a detachable canopy to be supported at three points.


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