Davey and Company

  • Brass Hatch Stay

    Davey and Company

    Brass Hatch Quadrant

    Top quality brass window or hatch quadrant featuring a curved track and dimpled securing points on both sides. These high-quality brass quadrants are reversible and come in two sizes.  They can...

  • Undrilled bronze eye plate

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Eye Plates - Undrilled

    Solid bronze eye plates (or bowsprit plates) finished in either polished bronze or chrome-plated bronze.   These eye plates are undrilled to allow holes to be aligned with structural members...

  • Undrilled bronze shroud plates

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Chain Plates - Undrilled

    Undrilled bronze chain plates (or bowsprit shroud plates) with a polished bronze finish. Cast in the United Kingdom, these beautifully made bronze shroud plates are undrilled. This allows the...