Davey and Company

  • Brass Cabin Light

    Davey and Company

    Brass Night Vision Deck Head Light

    A traditionally-styled ‘jelly mould’ frosted glass brass cabin light by Davey & Co. This cabin light comes fitted with a red/white LED within a heavy brass housing. When first...

  • Antique Boat Horn

    Davey and Company

    Brass Electric Horn

    New from Davey & Co, this vibrating electric marine horn is of all-brass construction with a spun body and trumpet complemented with brass fastenings and bracket. This horn uses a similar...

  • Davey Counter Flap Hinge

    Davey and Company

    Brass Counter Top Hinge

    Premium quality brass counter-top hinges from Davey & Co of England.  These dove-tail brass hinges have a clear lacquer coating to keep them looking bright. They allow a benchtop flap to...

  • Brass Butt Hinge

    Davey and Company

    Brass Butt Hinge - Davey

    Brass butt hinges with a brass pin in a range of sizes.  These brass hinges have a satin finish. Note - brass screws are sold separately. SKU Length Width (open) Thickness of...

  • Brass Hatch Lock

    Davey and Company

    Brass Hold-Down Bolt

    Manufactured in brass by UK company Davey, these strong securing screws are ideal for skylights, hatches, etc. Note that the fitting is designed to secure a door from 3/8"mm to 3/4"mm thick - but...

  • Brass Vent - Small Round Hit and Miss

    Davey and Company

    Brass Round Hit & Miss Vent

    Brass "Hit & Miss" ventilators from Davey.  These solid brass twist-type vents are ideal for cabin berths and other areas below decks. These brass vents are of the highest quality and come...

  • Timber Cleat - Teak Cleat

    Davey and Company

    Wooden Cleats - Teak

    Teak cleats from Davey & Co.  These quality timber cleats add warmth and style to any vessel. Available in a range of sizes, teak timber cleats can be made up to 20" (50cm) by special order...

  • Bronze furling system

    Davey and Company

    Wykeham Martin Furling Gear - Drum Only

    Wykeham Martin drum available in four sizes according to sail area (see table below).  This bronze self-furling drum pairs with the bronze Wykeham Martin top swivel (sold separately) to create a...

  • Bronze Spurling Pipe by Davey & Co.

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Chain Pipe

    Traditional gunmetal bronze chain pipe (or spurling pipe) by Davey & Co. These sturdy fittings are available with a variety of inside diameters to suit both small and large vessels. They can be...

  • Caulking Oakum

    Davey and Company

    Oakum Caulking with Stockholm Tar

    Oakum is natural hemp that has been impregnated with Stockholm Tar (also known as pine tar as it is extracted from the sap of pine trees).  Oakum is used for the packing (or caulking) between...

  • Stockholm Tar

    Davey and Company

    Stockholm Tar Preservative

    A traditional preservative for natural hemp ropes and timber, Stockholm Tar (or Pine Tar) has long been used for numerous sealing applications on boats. In Skandinavia, Stockholm Tar continues...

  • Round deck prism - melon

    Davey and Company

    Glass Deck Light Prism - Melon

    Round, melon-shaped deck prisms with a bronze or stainless steel surround, manufactured in England by Davey & Company. The beautlfully-finished circular prisms are solid glass and have the...

  • Bronze mast ring

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Mast Bands - 2 Eye

    Bronze mast bands or cranse irons for traditional sailing boats from Davey & Co.  These beautiful fittings have two eyes but are undrilled allowing flexibility as to the location of...

  • Mesh screen for portholes

    Davey and Company

    Porthole Fly & Insect Screens (Davey)

    These insect screens are manufactured from stainless steel mesh and have a flexible outer rim that holds them firmly in the bore of the portlight. As a simple push fit they are easily installed...

  • Undrilled bronze eye plate

    Davey and Company

    Bronze Eye Plates - Undrilled

    Solid bronze eye plates (or bowsprit plates) finished in either polished bronze or chrome-plated bronze.   These eye plates are undrilled to allow holes to be aligned with structural members...