Lewmar Low Profile Hatches - Friction Hinge

Lewmar Low Profile Hatches - Friction Hinge

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LEWMAR's Low Profile hatch range features a snag free soft styling which presents a sleek modern look. The range is ideal for use on a wide range of power craft and yachts.

These low profile deck hatches can be used as a foredeck hatch on small to mid size power and sailboats. The hatch also features Lewmar's unique sealing system allowing easy acrylic


  • Size 30 and above feature outside handles
  • Ability to quickly and easily replace acrylic lenses
  • Ability to lock the hatch fully closed or in the vented position
  • Friction hinges hold the lid open in any position up to 95 degrees
  • Anodised aluminium frame for corrosion resistance
  • Curved upper frame for strength as well as modern styling
  • CE Approved for Area 2A
  • Also available in round and D-Hatch configuration

Note: A trim kit is required to fit a bug/insect screen. Also, if the trim kit is being fitted, the required cut-out dimensions increase slightly.

Lewmar Hatches

Lewmar Hatch Dimensions

Part NumberShapeSizeAcrylic ThicknessNo. of HandlesExternal Handles?Flange Dimensions (L x W)Flange Radius (R)Cut-Out Dimensions (L1 x W1)Cut-Out Radius (R1)Height (Z)Trim Kit & Bug Screen Options (Sold separately)
LEW-170052 Rectangle 03 8mm One No 246mm x 301mm 72.5mm 176mm x 231mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170050 Square 00 8mm One No 281mm x 281mm 72.5mm 211mm x 211mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170054 Square 10 8mm One No 330mm x 330mm 72.5mm 260mm x 260mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170058 Rectangle 20 8mm One No 272mm x 417mm 72.5mm 202mm x 347mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170060 Rectangle 30 8mm Two Yes 397mm x 527mm 72.5mm 327mm x 457mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170064 Square 40 8mm Two Yes 491mm x 491mm 72.5mm 421mm x 421mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170068 Rectangle 41 8mm Two Yes 246mm x 491mm 72.5mm 176mm x 421mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170070 Square 44 8mm Two Yes 512mm x 512mm 72.5mm 442mm x 442mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170074 Rectangle 50 8mm Two Yes 447mm x 577mm 72.5mm 377mm x 502mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170078 Rectangle 54 8mm Two Yes 462mm x 577mm 72.5mm 392mm x 507mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170082 Square 60 8mm Two Yes 577mm x 577mm 72.5mm 507mm x 507mm 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170160 Trapezoid 65A 10mm Two Yes 560mm x 675mm & 560mm 72.5mm See drawing 42.5mm 25mm White or Ivory
LEW-170162 Trapezoid 65B 10mm Two Yes 658mm x 629mm & 505mm 72.5mm See drwaing 42.5mm 25mm Not Available

More About LEWMAR Hatches & Portlights

Manufactured in England, the quality range of Lewmar® hatches and portlights offer a huge variety of sizes and styles perfectly suited to both OEM users and the retail replacement market.

The Lewmar® range features industry leading construction and are manufactured from silver anodised extruded aluminium fitted with quality acrylic lenses ranging in thickness from 8mm to 12mm.