Copper Oil Lantern - Anchor

Copper Lantern - Anchor

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Beautiful oil-powered anchor navigation solid copper lanterns from Den Haan Rotterdam giving a 360-degree white light.  The oil lamps have a clear thick glass lens and can be filled with paraffin or lamp oil to a capacity of 50ml, which gives a burn time of around 15 hours.

Although strictly speaking not approved to current regulations, these navigation oil lanterns are still very effective at night and could be considered as a backup to any other electric navigation lights fitted.  These nautical lamps are also popular as marine-themed decorative lights in bars, restaurants and at home.

Manufactured in copper with an unlacquered finish, they will complement traditional craft and give many years of good service.  Refer to Oil Lamp Usage Instructions for more information.

We also supply spare parts including wicks, burners and glass chimneys.

SKU Overall Height Width Lens Diameter Oil Capacity DHR's Code
025705 9-3/4" (248mm) 4-5/8" (115mm) 4" (100mm) 50ml 4611/O