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Fixed Eye Wooden Block - Single with Becket

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Beautiful European-made traditional timber single blocks with becket to complement any classic sailing vessel. The shells are constructed from ash timber varnished to a high gloss, while the bindings and bearings are out of stainless steel.

The sheaves on blocks up to 4" are manufactured from Tufnol.  Sheaves on the larger blocks are out of ertalon. Alternatively you can substitute aluminium bronze sheaves up to 60mm.

The block is quickly and easily maintained with the removal of a single stainless screw. 

The single ash block comes standard with a fixed eye. Also available without a becket.

A range of sizes is available.: 


SKU Suits Rope Shell Length Sheave
Working Load
Becket? Davey Product Code
021502 8-10mm 3" (75mm)  40mm 1500kg  Yes 0611/AH/075
021504 10-12mm 3-1/2" (88mm)  50mm 1750kg  Yes 0611/AH/088
021506 12-14mm  4" (100mm)  60mm 2000kg  Yes 0611/AH/100
021508 16-18mm 6-5/16" (162mm)  90mm 4600kg  Yes 0651/AH/160 
021510 20-22mm  7-3/4" (197mm)  112mm 6000kg  Yes 0651/AH/200 
021512 24-26mm 8-3/4" (224mm)  146mm 6750kg  Yes 0651/AH/225