Techniglue R60 Resin

Techniglue R60 Resin

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Techniglue R60 is a high-strength adhesive suitable for bonding structural elements fabricated from timber, fibreglass, concrete and metal, and is commonly used in civil construction for mechanical fastenings and laminated beams.

Techniglue R60 resin combines with Techniglue hardener in a 2:1 ratio.  Choose between the slow hardener or fast hardener.

Techniglue R60 has recently been tested and gained approval for VOC Compliance under the specification of the Green Building Council of Australia / Green Star Office Design V3 IEQ-13.  R60 has high strength, is water-proof and has excellent gap filling properties.

Suitable for bonding:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Fibreglass
  • Pottery
  • Some Plastics

 Refer to ATL Composites' Techniglue datasheet for more details.

Part NumberSizeMix With
ATL-321001 500ml Techniglue R60 Hardener 250ml
ATL-321005 1lt Techniglue R60 Hardener 500ml
ATL-321008 4lt Techniglue R60 Hardener 2lt
ATL-321020 20lt Techniglue R60 Hardener 10lt