KINETIX Epoxy Hardener H125

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KINETIX® H125 Hardener works with KINETIX® R104 epoxy or KINETIX® R110X epoxy to give a slower-curing epoxy system for surfboards.

Epoxy resin based on H125 Standard Hardener can be flipped within 6 hours and sanded within 10 hours @ 25o C, which is approximately twice the turnaround time of the H130 Fast hardener.  Note that the speed of both systems will be dependant on ambient temperature.

Mix 1 part hardener to 2 parts resin. 


KINETIX® Epoxy Resin

  • KINETIX® R104 Epoxy Resin - When a clear timber or clear carbon finish is required
  • KINETIX® R110x Epoxy Resin  - Optimised to enhance the brightness of boards manufactured with white blanks


KINETIX® Hardeners

  • KINETIX® H125 Hardener - Standard Hardener for use at higher temperatures or for increased working time
  • KINETIX® H130 Hardener - Fast Hardener 


Note that no dispensing pump is currently available for the KINETIX® system, but the 2:1 mixing ratio can be achieved with our mixing cups, or by weight.  See the epoxy resin links above for more information.