Six10 Epoxy by WEST SYSTEM

WEST SYSTEM SIX10 - Epoxy Adhesive (190ml)

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WEST SYSTEM® Six10 thickened epoxy adhesive allows you to place high-strength, non-sagging epoxy exactly where it's needed in less time and with no mess.

 Six10™ combines the strength and reliability and excellent physical properties of a two-part WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy with point-and-shoot convenience.

The self-metering coaxial cartridge dispenses a gap-filling structural epoxy that bonds tenaciously to wood, metals, fibreglass and concrete. The tube comes with a static mixer that lets you lay down a bead of thickened epoxy with any standard caulking gun.

Six10's shear thinning properties make it 'thinner' as it's worked. It can be easily tooled into a non-sagging fillet or used to wet out light to moderate reinforcing fabrics like fibreglass. The hardener provides a long open time but has fast thru-cure. Six10 stays workable in the static mixer for 42 minutes, making it practical for long or complicated assemblies.

The coaxial cartridge contains 190ml of resin and hardener.  Additional static mixing nozzles can be purchased separately.

Download WEST SYSTEM Six10 Properties (PDF) Download WEST SYSTEM Six10 Properties (PDF)

NOTE: This product is categorised as Dangerous Goods and cannot be delivered outside Australia.


1 Review

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    Posted by Rob Blackburn on 7th Jun 2015

    Sticking a canoe together made easy. Bit more money than I was comfortable spending but works brilliantly.
    You can get in behind the cable ties that hold the panels together. Then simply put your fillet and glass over the top when the 610 has set.
    I would not leave home without it now.
    So in effect it was good value.