Silicon Bronze Lag Bolts

Silicon Bronze Lag Bolt 3/8"

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Silicon bronze Coach Screw (or lag bolts) with a 3/8" shaft in a variety of lengths. Also known as coach screws or lag screws.

Lag bolts are useful for securing propeller shaft bearings and other hardware where there is no access to secure bolts with a nut and washer.

SKU Length Shaft Diameter Across Flats
038310 2" 9.3mm 14.03mm
038315 2-1/2" 9.3mm 14.03mm
038316 3" 9.3mm 14.03mm
038311 4" 9.3mm 14.03mm
038312 6" 9.3mm 14.03mm
038313 8" 9.3mm 14.03mm
038314 10" 9.3mm 14.03mm