Rope for Traditional Boats, Landscaping and Craft

Rope for Traditional Boats, Landscaping and Craft

Posted by Classic Boat Supplies on 29th Jun 2016

Last week we received a new shipment of rope from our manufacturer in Holland - Langman Ropes.

This consignment was largely made up of natural hemp and Hempex. Also included was a new product: 3mm and 4mm  POSH. This is a soft natural-looking polyester 3-strand twisted rope that should prove popular with those needing small but very strong rope for craft, whipping and lacing. POSH is UV-stabilised so you can expect a good lifespan out in the elements.

With this shipment we also now have good stocks of the  4mm and 6mm Hempex and  natural hemp.  Just in time for the upcoming Abbey Medieval Festival in Cabooture, which is being attended by several of our customers.  Have a great time guys!