Stormy Life Jackets Recharge Kit - Water Activated - Stormy

Recharge Kit - Water Activated - Stormy

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Your Stormy Life Jacket can be inflated and deflated as many times as you require, however, the CO² cylinder and water activated canister are single use only items. Once activated, they must be thrown in the bin and replaced with new items.

The process for recharging is the same as originally activating your Stormy Life Jacket.

  1. Check the size of the CO² cylinder used in your Stormy Life Jacket. You must ensure you purchase and use the same size cylinder for that product.
  2. Unscrew both the CO² cylinder and water activated canister (if applicable)  and ensure they have been used. The  CO² canister will have been punctured at the tip, and the canister will have the green firing cap missing from the bottom.  Discard both used items to the bin.
  3. Remove the recharge kit from the packaging, screw the new items into the valve tightly. If installed correctly the CO² cylinder will sit vertically in the valve.
  4. If the life jacket was inflated manually (as opposed to water activated) then you will need to insert a new ‘firing indicator’. This prevents accidental activation of the life jacket and is also an indication that the life jacket has not been discharged.
Part Number Canister Size For Stormy Product
SLJ-SK-WA24 24g Junior Life Vest 15-40kg
SLJ-SK-WA33 33g 150N Products
SLJ-SK-WA38 38g 180N Products
SLJ-SK-WA60 60g 300N Products