Stormy Foam Life Vest - Baby

Stormy Foam Life Vest - Baby

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Stormy Life Jackets

Beware of imported imitations sold on eBay and other platforms using the brand name "Stormy Weather".

Stormy Life Jackets is an Australian company producing high-quality jackets & vests.

The Stormy Baby’s foam life jacket is accredited for all boating in Australian waters. This is ISO approved foam PFD and is suitable for baby’s that are between 5 and 15 kilograms. The robust materials, crotch strap, adjustable waist strap and grab handle make this the perfect life saving device for any baby. It will always self-right so the infants head is always out of the water.

This life jacket is great for getting your baby out on the boat with you. It is also ideal for learn to swim and introducing infants to swimming in the water.

One size will fit all babies in this weight range, the adjustable waist strap ensures it is suitable for a chest measuring under 57cm. if larger, then the Toddler’s Foam Life Jacket is recommended.

  • Inherent Buoyancy to 100N Standard
  • Comfortable seat style crotch strap with adjustable straps
  • Zip up front
  • Waist belt for adjustable fit
  • Secure ties at neck and around bottom
  • Retro reflective patches
  • Grab strap handle at top edge of lifejacket
  • Sturdy robust materials
  • Signal whistle
  • Colour: Hi Vis Orange
Code Weight Range Chest
SLJ-SFC5-10 5-10kg Under 57cm
SLJ-SFC10-15 10-15kg 57-65cm


Australian PFD Standards

In Australia PFDs are now identified according to "Levels" to indicate the amount of buoyancy provided. For example a Level 100 PFD provides 100 Newtons of buoyancy - or 10kg. This change was introduced in July 2010 as part of the new Australia Standard AS4758. More on boat safety

  • Level 150: Similar to inflatable PFD Type 1. Suitable for offshore use.
  • Level 100: Similar to PFD Type 1 and the minimum requirement for offshore use
  • Level 50: Similar to PFD Type 2
  • Level 50 Special Purpose (50S): Replaces PFD Type 3