Stormy Life Jackets Stormy Life Jacket - 180N, Camo

Stormy Life Jacket - 180N, Camo

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Stormy Life Jackets

Beware of imported imitations sold on eBay and other platforms using the brand name "Stormy Weather".

Stormy Life Jackets is an Australian company producing high-quality jackets with an integrated PFD. Designed to be worn, Stormy Life Jackets are configured to automatically inflate when immersed in 10cm of water. The supplied blanking cap can be used to easily convert to manual inflation mode.

The Camo Stormy Life Jacket 180N is a comfortable all-weather jacket that will inflate in water when required. It’s a life jacket that’s designed to be worn not stowed by being a practical item of clothing first, and a quality life saving device when required. The nylon outer shell and polyester internal lining provide unrivalled warmth and water protection for all weather conditions. Stormy Jackets also feature removable sleeves for when a life vest is your preferred option. Stormy Lifejackets and vests were the first company to attain ISO accreditation for our style of inflatable jackets and vests.

The external inflation system can be both manually and water activated. You choose the best option for your boating activities. The 38g CO2cylinder provides 180 Newtons of buoyancy. This PFD will fully inflate within 5 seconds of activation, it will self-right an unconscious person and maintain their position on their back on a 45 degree angle. The internal waist belt prevents the inflation from riding up and has a lifting loop attached that can aid in rescue to winch weights up to 136kg.

This Life jacket is set up as water activated and will inflate once immersed in water, it comes with a blanking cap for manual conversion.

  • 5 year manufactures warranty
  • Water activated and inflates automatically in an overboard emergency
  • Easily changes to manual inflation by replacing the cartridge with the blanking cap
  • 38gm CO2 gas cylinder that provides 180N of buoyancy
  • Internal belt with lifting loop
  • Hand-warmer pockets for safety extras
  • Removable sleeves
  • Lined hood (folded inside collar)
  • Signal whistle
  • Colour: Pink
  • XS to 3XL (larger custom sizes available on request)
  • This product has been designed, developed and assembled in Australia
  • Meets standards AS4758.1 & ISO12402-3

Optional Extras (sold separately)

Code Size Chest Waist
SLJ-ISJ-C-180-S S 85-95cm 80cm
SLJ-ISJ-C-180-M M 95-105cm 90cm
SLJ-ISJ-C-180-L L 105-115cm 95cm
SLJ-ISJ-C-180-XL XL 115-125cm 100cm
SLJ-ISJ-C-180-2XL 2XL 125-135cm 105cm


Servicing Stormy Lifejackets

Stormy Lifejackets can be self-serviced. We recommend that you perform a self-service every 12 months, and regularly inspect your life jacket before each use:

  • Blow it up and check for leaks
  • Check that the CO2 cylinder hasn’t been pierced and isn’t corroded
  • Check that the water activated valve is still current and viable

We recommend having your lifejacket serviced by an accredited Stormy Servicing Agent every 24 months (2 years). Refer to your state's marine authority as requirements differ from state-to-state. Lifejackets do deteriorate with salt corrosion, sun and moisture so it is best to keep them in their optimal condition.

Australian PFD Standards

In Australia PFDs are now identified according to "Levels" to indicate the amount of buoyancy provided. For example a Level 100 PFD provides 100 Newtons of buoyancy - or 10kg. This change was introduced in July 2010 as part of the new Australia Standard AS4758. More on boat safety

  • Level 150: Similar to inflatable PFD Type 1. Suitable for offshore use.
  • Level 100: Similar to PFD Type 1 and the minimum requirement for offshore use
  • Level 50: Similar to PFD Type 2
  • Level 50 Special Purpose (50S): Replaces PFD Type 3