Braid-on-braid Polyester Rope

Polyester Double Braid Rope - Solid Colour (per spool)

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Australian-made double-braided polyester rope in a range of sold colours.

This rope has a braided polyester outer cover and a plaited core and is ideal for use as docking lines.

Like all polyester ropes, this product has low stretch factor under normal working loads.  It stands up to repeated stress extremely well and has a high resistance to surface wear and cutting.

Note that we currently sell this rope in whole spools only.


Colour SKU Diameter Spool Length Breaking Strain

Red polyester sailing rope


046931  6mm 200m 948kg
046937  8mm 200m 1,325kg
046942  10mm 100m 2,212kg
046947  12mm 100m 2,670kg

Blue Polyester Sailing Rope


046932  6mm 200m 948kg
046938  8mm 200m 1,325kg
046943  10mm 100m 2,212kg
046948  12mm 100m 2,670kg

Double Braid Polyester Rope - Green


046933  6mm 200m 948kg
046939  8mm 200m 1,325kg
046944  10mm 100m 2,212kg
046949  12mm 100m 2,670kg

Double-Braided Polyester Rope


046934  6mm 200m 948kg
046940  8mm 200m 1,325kg
046945  10mm 100m 2,212kg
046950  12mm 100m 2,670kg

 Black Polyester Mooring Ropes


046930 6mm 200m 948kg
046936 8mm 200m 1,325kg
046941 10mm 100m 2,212kg
046946 12mm 100m 2,670kg
046951 14mm 100m 3,000kg

Polyester Docking Lines


046935 8mm 250m 1,325kg
046952 16mm 100m 3,400kg