Dyneema-core Sailing Rope

Spunmax Double-Braided Polyester/Dyneema Rope - Beige 10mm (per metre)

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Langman's "Spunmax" Dyneema® rope is a high-tech performance rope with a soft polyester braided cover encasing a UHMWPE Dyneema® SK75 core.

Dyneema® is an extremely strong, lightweight fibre with minimal-stretch making Spunmax ideal for use in rigging, sheets and halyards on classic performance boats.  The spun polyester cover of 32 braids makes Spunmax flexible, soft to the touch and the polyester cover offers good UV resistance.  

Spunmax is flexible and easy to handle.  Furthermore it will bend effortlessly through blocks and easy to splice (larger diameters only - the 6mm is tightly constructed and is only suitable for knotting).

Sold by the metre or on spools of 200 metres (165 metres for the 12mm). View quantity discounts for purchases of 50m or more.

  • Construction: 32-braied polyester cover, Dyneema core
  • Specific gravity: 0,99 (floats)
  • UV-resistance: very good
  • Abrasion resistance: very good
  • Chemical resistance: very good
  • Wet vs dry strength: 100%
  • Melting point: 150 / 265 ºC
  • Short term heat resistance: 80 ºC
  • Elongation at break: 6%
  • Colour: Beige
Rope Diameter Cover Braiding Linear Breaking Load (kg) Weight (kg/100m)
10mm 32 braids 5,040kg 6.8kg