Classic Braided Rope

Langman's Rope Braid-on-Braid Sample Pack

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A selection of Langman's high-quality braid-on-braid ropes.  

These sample ropes will help you make the all-important decision when rigging or re-rigging your vessel. Included in the pack are 20cm samples of the following traditionally-styled ropes.

Please specify your preferred rope diameter when checking out your order and we'll do our best to comply.  And in the case of Spunport you can also choose between beige or off-white.

rope & rigging solutions for antique boats Langman Spunport Rope

A polyester braid-on-braid rope with a spun polyester cover soft to the touch. Ideal as a sheet rope on boats needing a traditional appearance.

Soft on the hands and with an easy-to-grip cover, Spunport is available in two colours: beige and off-white (closely resembling natural cotton in appearance and feel).

traditional sailing rope for marine use Langman Poseidon Rope

A pre-stretched polyester braid-on-braid rope which is extremely strong and UV-resistant. Poseidon is ideal as a halyard rope, but also good for sheets. Construction is a 16 or 32-braid cover over a 16-braid polyester core.

With its smooth and silky feel, Poseiden has better abrasion resistance than the spun polyester ropes. UV-resistance is excellent.

spunline-classic-sailing-rope-small.png Langman Spunline Rope

Spunline is a braid-on-braid polyester rope with a unique checker-board appearance due to the combination of spun and smooth yarns. The result is a softer rope, easy to grip with some of the additional abrasion resistance of Poseidon. Good UV-resistance.

Manufactured with a 32-braid cover so Spunline is very flexible and turns easily around sheaves and winches. An excellent sheet rope.

dyneema-sailing-rope-small.png Langman Spunmax Rope

Spunmax rope consists of a braided polyester cover over a braided Dyneema® core. The UHMWPE/Dyneema® core gives Spunmax very low stretch and high strength making it ideal for halyards, stays and runners where high performance is important.

The spun polyester cover of 32 braids makes Spunmax flexible, soft to the touch and the polyester cover offers good UV resistance.