Classic Braided Rope

Langman's Twisted Rope Sample Pack

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A selection of Langman's high-quality twisted traditionally-styled ropes.  

These sample ropes will help you make the all-important decision when rigging or re-rigging your vessel.

Included in the pack are 20cm samples of the following traditionally-styled polypropylene & polyester 3-strand twisted ropes:

rope & rigging solutions for antique boats Langman Hempex® Rope

Hempex is a polyproplyene 3-strand twisted rope with a
soft furry feel. Polypropylene rope floats and is a lightweight
alternative to polyester and natural hemp.

traditional sailing rope for marine use Langman POSH Rope

POSH is a 3 or 4-strand pre-stretched polyester twisted 
rope which is soft to the touch and highly UV-resistant.
POSH is often used for sheets and halyards on tall ships
and other classic boats.

Yacht rope for sail boat sheets & halyards Langman Polytex Polytex is a polypropylene rope designed with enhanced 
UV-stabilisation and constructed with additional twine to 
give a very abrasion-resistant rope, well-suited to running 
rigging on classic sailing boats.
Yacht rope for sail boat sheets & halyards Langman Classic Polyester

Classic 3-strand polyester rope that has been pre-stretched,
making it ideal as a halyard rope on traditional sailing boats.