Newport Double-Braided Polyester Rope - Red/Blue Fleck (per metre)

Newport Double-Braided Polyester Rope - Red/Blue Fleck (per metre)

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European quality double-braided polyester rope by Langman Ropes.  "Newport" is ideal as a sheet rope on sailing boats. Other uses include climbing and any applications requiring a high-quality polyester rope.

Available in a number of colours and diameters, Newport has very good UV resistance.

Manufactured in Europe using the best high-tenacity polyester yarns.  The outer casing consists of 32 strands braided to encase an inner braided polyester core of 12 strands.

This braided polyester sailing rope is easily spliced and very flexible due to the number of strands in the braid. It will bend easily around blocks and sheaves.

Sold by the metre or on 200 metre spools.

Part NumberRope DiameterCover BraidingCore BraidingBreaking Load (kg)Weight (kg/100m)
CBS-140210 6mm 32 braids 12 braids 1250kg 6.5kg
CBS-140211 8mm 32 braids 12 braids 2200kg 10.6kg
CBS-140212 10mm 32 braids 12 braids 3000kg 16.4kg