Braided polyester rope by Langmans

Spunline Double-Braided Polyester Rope (per metre)

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"Spunline" braided polyester rope is a hybrid braid-on-braid rope with a fine "checker-board" appearance.  The rope's cover is a combination of spun and smooth polyester yarns producing a strong, abrasive-resistant rope with a soft feel.  It is ideal as a sheet or halyard rope where there is heavy wear, but where the rope is also often handled and good grip is needed.

The smooth polyester also enhances the UV characteristics of the rope.  

The braided cover of 32 braids encases a polyester core of 16 braids.  This construction makes the rope extremely strong, flexible and easy to handle.  Furthermore it will bend effortlessly through blocks and is easy to splice.

Sold by the metre or on spools of 200 metres. View quantity discounts for purchases of 50m or more.



Breaking Load
8mm 32 braids TBC TBC
10mm 32 braids 2,600 7.0
12mm 32 braids 3,600 10.1
14mm 32 braids 4,800 13.5
16mm 32 braids 6,500 18.0
18mm 32 braids 7,600 23.0
20mm 32 braids 8,890 27.2