3-Strand Beige Polyester Rope

Classic Polyester Rope - 3 Strand (per metre)

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Classic 3-strand polyester rope that has been pre-stretched, making it ideal as a halyard rope on traditional sailing boats.  3-Strand polyester rope is also suitable for hoisting ropes or mooring lines as, unlike nylon ropes, polyester will not weaken when wet.

Only 2% stretch at 20% of breaking load.

"Classic" polyester sailing rope is manufactured by Langman Ropes in The Netherlands.  It has very good resistance to ultra-voilet light, meaning you will get many years of service out of these ropes, even in tropical environments.

This polyester rope is sold by the metre or on spools of 220 metres. View quantity discounts for purchases of 50m or more.

Part NumberRope
Breaking Load
1425008mm 1,200 4.8
14250110mm 1,700 7.6
14250212mm 2,600 10.0
14250314mm 3,400 14.8
14250416mm 4,400 19.5
14250518mm 5,500 24.5
14250620mm 6,900 30.3
14250722mm 7,470 36.7
14250824mm 8,960 43.7
14251028mm  12,000 59.4