Manilla Rope

Manila Rope (spool)

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Good economical manilla rope to use in heavy marine, mining and industrial applications. With great strength and abrasion resistance, manilla rope is the strongest of the natural ropes.

Manilla rope is naturally resistant to rain, sun, salt and fungal attacks.  It has a specific gravity of 1.38 (it will sink in water) and absorbs water roughly 100% of its own weight.  Under load, manilla rope will stretch (elongate) around 10-12% prior to breaking.  This rope has good resistance to UV rays (similar to nylon rope) and will not melt.  In temperatores of 350 degrees celcius or more it will start to char.  Manilla rope has poor resistance to acids, alkalis oils and gas.

Note that this manilla rope is sold as whole spools only and is not available in cut lengths.

SKU Diameter Spool Length Breaking Strain  
046900 6mm 250m 261kg  
046901 8mm 250m 473kg  
046902 10mm 250m 623kg  
046903 12mm 250m 934kg  
046904 14mm 250m 1,260kg  
046905 16mm 250m 1,770kg  
046906 18mm 250m 2,120kg  
046907 20mm 250m 2,820kg  
046908 22mm 250m 3,340kg  
046909 24mm 250m 3,980kg  
046910 28mm 250m 5,000kg  
046911 32mm 250m 6,800kg  
046912 36mm 125m 8,500kg  
046913 40mm 125m 10,300kg  
046914 48mm 125m 14,500kg