Soft-feel-polyester rope

POSH Polyester Rope - 3 Strand Beige (per metre)

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"POSH" polyester rope is a 3-strand (or 4-strand in the larger diameters - see below) twisted rope made from spun polyester.  Spun polyester has a soft furry feel making "POSH" ideal as a traditional sheet rope on old classic boats.  Being pre-stretched, "POSH" also makes a good halyard rope as it has very low elongation properties (only 2% stretch at 20% of breaking load).

As a polyester rope, "POSH" has excellent resistance to ultra-violet light.  The 3mm and 4mm POSH is great for whipping on larger ropes, or for lacing sails, etc.

"POSH" polyester sailing rope is manufactured by Langman Ropes in The Netherlands.

"POSH" is sold by the metre or on spools of 220 metres. View quantity discounts for purchases of 50m or more.

Note that diameters of 14mm and larger are available by special order. 10-12 week leadtimes may apply.

Some POSH sizes are also available in Navy Blue, Brown and Black.

SKU Rope Diameter Breaking Load (kg) Weight (kg/100m)
142398 3mm - 0.5
142399 4mm - 1.6
142400 6mm 554 2.3
142401 8mm 1,000 4.3
142402 10mm 1,560 7.0
142403 12mm 2,230 9.9
142404 14mm 3,120 13.3
142405 16mm 3,788 17.5
142406 18mm 4,485 22.0
142407 20mm 5,700 27.3
142409 24mm 8,960 53.5
142411 28mm  12,000 59.4
142413 32mm (4-strand) 13,600 70.0
142415 36mm (4-strand) 16,750 88.3
142417 40mm (4-strand) 20,800 109.0

5 Reviews

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    Great quality rope. If you are looking for the best in marine ropes or in general, you can’t go past the variety and quality of the three and four strand ropes at Classic Boat Supply.I have been using them for years now in mt marlinspike ropecraft b

    Posted by Mick Corker on 4th Mar 2020

    As above

  • 5
    great quality

    Posted by Steele on 8th Apr 2019

    I've used this POSH rope on a number of rope tension drums for the Royal Australian Navy. Great product with beautiful natural feel and appearance

  • 5
    Classic look with great strength

    Posted by Steele Turkington - Kentville Drums on 17th May 2017

    Soft, light weight and with minimal stretch the great feel and high strength of this rope combined with its classic period appearance make it the ideal choice for my rope tension snare drums

  • 5
    Best 'classic' new rope

    Posted by John Treloar on 18th Apr 2016

    This is great rope for classic boats. Looks right but has all the characteristics and strength of current rope technologies. Looks authentic and nice and soft.

  • 5
    posh polyester three strand rope

    Posted by John Little on 27th Nov 2014

    I purchased six mm POSH rope for the sheet for the small mizzen on my 17 ft cat yawl. Already had 10 mm POSH for the mainsheets, so I knew that I liked the stuff. POSH looks authentic and is nice and soft to handle. I'd recommend it.