Australian Wooden Oars

Pine Oars - Straight Blade (pair)

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Australian made hoop pine oars with a shaft diameter of 1-3/4" (44mm). Robust and reliable, these flat-blade wooden oars are sealed with a marine-grade varnish.

Slightly heavier than our sitka spruce oars from Canada, these wooden oars offer good value for those needing basic and durable oars.

Available in a range of lengths and are supplied without collars. Plastic oar collars to suit these oars can be purchased separately.

Note that the shipping of oars to some locations can pose challenges and, depending on your loaction, additional costs may apply. We will contact you to discuss further if necessary once your order is received.  Or you can contact us prior to placing your order to discuss.

Choosing an Oar Length

The formula for choosing the correct oar length is to take half the boat's beam at the rowlocks (in feet) and times by 25/7. If the boat is over 10' in length then round up to the next 6" size.  If the boat is less than 10' then round down.
Calculating Rowing Oar Length

For example, take a 12' wherry with a 4' beam: Halve 4' to get 2 feet, times this by 25/7 to give 7.14.  The wherry is over 12' in length so take the next size up at 7'6".

Other Considerations:

  • Personal preference - some prefer to row with their hands overlapped, add 6 inches
  • Stowage - if the oars are used for auxilary propulsion only and must be stowed in a restricted place you may reduce the length by 6 inches. Reducing by more may compromise comfort and efficency excessively.

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    Pine Oars 8 ft.

    Posted by Rod. on 30th Jul 2017

    Good quality and Australian made !!