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Silicon Bronze Wood Screws - Oval Slot Head 10-Gauge

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These 10-gauge silicon bronze wood screws have a slotted oval head and are counter-sunk. They are available in a variety of lengths.

Slotted, oval-head screw are ideal for fitting brass rubbing strakes and bronze deck hardware. They are an attractive screw providing a traditional look.

Even buried in the wooden structure of a boat silicon bronze screws will not corrode - unlike stainless steel screws which will corrode when shielded from oxygen and unable to build a protective oxide layer.

We also recommend silicon bronze screws (or silicon bronze machine screws for high-load situations) for fastening our bronze deck hardware.

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SKU Overall Length Head Diameter
030423 1" (25mm)  9.2mm
030426 1-1/2" (38mm) 9.2mm
030429 2" (50mm)  9.2mm