Spun polyester braided rope by Langmans

Poseidon Double-Braided Polyester Rope (per metre)

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"Poseidon" braid-on-braid pre-stretched polyester rope by Langman Ropes, Dutch ropemakers with origins dating back to 1638.  This extremely strong and highly UV-resistant polyester rope is  perfect as a halyard rope.

The braided cover of either 16, 24 or 32 braids (depending on the diameter) encases a polyester core of 16 braids.  This construction makes the rope extremely strong, flexible and easy to handle.  Furthermore it will bend effortlessly through blocks and is easy to splice.  The rope has a smooth and slightly shiny finish.  As a braided rope, "Poseidon" is easy to splice.

Through the elongation process during the manufacture "Poseidon" is pre-stretched, so under load this rope will have only minimal stretch (just 1.5% at 20% of the breaking load).  "Poseidon" rope is often used as a halyard rope on ships, yachts, tall ships and fishing boats because of its non-stretch qualities.

Sold by the metre or on spools of 200 metres. View quantity discounts for purchases of 50m or more.

Please contact us for pricing of the 20mm & 22mm "Poseidon" rope.



Breaking Load
6mm 16 braids 1,129 3.5
8mm 16 braids 1,742 5.3
10mm 16 braids 2,253 8.5
12mm 24 braids 3,242 11.5
14mm 24 braids 3,775 14.4
16mm 24 braids 5,339 18.5
18mm 32 braids 6,100 22.3
20mm 32 braids 8,000 27.9
22mm 32 braids 9,900 33.5