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Andersen Self-Tailing Winches - Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Steel Winch - Andersen
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Product Description

ANDERSEN's Full Stainless Self-Tailing Winches made in Denmark. If you take pride in having your yacht look its best, ANDERSEN's Full Stainless Self-Tailing Winch combines all the convenience and power of ANDERSEN's self-tailing winch with a stunning all stainless steel look.

From top to bottom the drive shaft stripper arm, self-tailing jaws, drum and upper & lower trim rings are manufactured in highest quality and beautifully polished grade 316 stainless steel. The result is a gleaming winch that becomes a highlight of the boat.

As with all ANDERSEN Winches, the Full Stainless Self-Tailing winch features the exclusive stainless steel Power RibTM drum for maximum power and extended line life. The ribs make fine sheet adjustments easier and the non-abrasive surface is kinder on ropes.

These models also uses ANDERSEN's exclusive self-tailing device that automatically accommodates a wide range of different line sizes.

If you prefer to match the color of your winches with the style of your boat there are two options:

  • ZT Finish - Often described as 'gun metal grey' or 'titanium look'. ZT is a matte finish produced by etching the surface of the winches with a media to dull the surface.ANDERSEN Winches Australia
  • PVD Finish - An extremely durable coating process known as Physical Vapour Deposition that can be used to apply a coloured finish (usually black or bronze) to the stainless steel components of ANDERSEN winches. It is a high quality, permanent finish with excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

For assistance on the correct winch to choose, refer to ANDERSEN's Winch Selection Guide.

Winch Dimensions

SKU Model Drum (D) Base (B) Height (H) Line Entry (L) Line Size Weight Product No.
280905 12STFS 70mm 115mm 130mm 44mm 8-14mm 2.6kg RA2012010000
280907 18STFS 70mm 120mm 136mm 50mm 8-14mm 3.2kg RA2018010000
280915 28STFS 70mm 125mm 151mm 65mm 8-14mm 3.9kg RA2028010000
280935 34STFS 70mm 125mm 151mm 65mm 8-14mm 4.1kg RA2034010000
280955 40STFS 75mm 152mm 174mm 71mm 8-14mm 4.9kg RA2040010000
280975 46STFS 89mm 180mm 209mm 90mm 8-14mm 7.8kg RA2046010000
280995 50STFS 89mm 180mm 209mm 90mm 8-14mm 7.8kg RA2050010000
281015 52STFS 100mm 200mm 228mm 106mm 8-16mm 10.3kg RA2052010000
281029 58STFS 115mm 230mm 257mm 111mm 8-18mm 16.0kg RA2058010000
281043 62STFS 115mm 230mm 257mm 111mm 8-18mm 16.0kg RA2062010000
281057 68STFS 140mm 280mm 280mm 120mm 10-18mm 24.5kg RA2068010000
281071 72STFS 140mm 280mm 280mm 120mm 10-18mm 24.5kg RA2072010000
281083 78STFS 170mm 320mm 375mm 170mm 16-22mm 49.0kg RA2078010000


Winch Performance

SKU Model Winch Type Gear Ratio 1st Speed Gear Ratio 2nd Speed Power Ratio 1st Speed Power Ratio 2nd Speed Product No.
280905 12STFS Single Speed 1.3:1 - 9.5:1 - RA2012010000
280907 18STFS Single Speed 2.6:1 - 18.8:1 - RA2018010000
280915 28STFS Two Speed 1.3:1 4.0:1 9.5:1 28.6:1 RA2028010000
280935 34STFS Two Speed 1.3:1 4.7:1 9.5:1 33.8:1 RA2034010000
280955 40STFS Two Speed 1.3:1 6.0:1 8.9:1 40.0:1 RA2040010000
280975 46STFS Two Speed 2.8:1 8.4:1 15.7:1 47.1:1 RA2046010000
280995 50STFS Two Speed 2.8:1 8.8:1 15.7:1 49.3:1 RA2050010000
281015 52STFS Two Speed 3.2:1 10.5:1 16.2:1 52.5:1 RA2052010000
281029 58STFS Two Speed 3.7:1 13.1:1 16.0:1 57.1:1 RA2058010000
281043 62STFS Two Speed 3.7:1 14.4:1 16.0:1 62.6:1 RA2062010000
281057 68STFS Two Speed 5.8:1 18.8:1 20.7:1 67.1:1 RA2068010000
281071 72STFS Two Speed 5.8:1 20.3:1 20.7:1 72.6:1 RA2072010000
281083 78STFS Two Speed 7.0:1 26.7:1 20.6:1 78.4:1 RA2078010000

Classic Boat Supplies is an Australian of ANDERSEN Winches

ANDERSEN Winches are manufactured in Denmark. ANDERSEN has over 50 years of experience making high-quality winches for the marine industry. With ANDERSEN Winches you can be assured of complete peace of mind - stretching from dedicated manufacturing to a 3-year factory warranty and service worldwide

ANDERSEN's entire catalogue of stainless steel winches is available from Classic Boat Supplies, however only a selection is currently listed online. Contact us for information & prices of ANDERSEN's other products.

View ANDERSEN Winches currently available online from Classic Boat Supplies.

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