Harken Self-Tailing Bronze Winch

HARKEN Self-Tailing Radial Winches - Bronze

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These Harken Radial Line winches are manufactured with a bronze drum and top. They will tarnish naturally to match existing bronze deck hardware on traditional sailing boats.  Or you can choose to keep them looking like new with regular polishing.

Harken Radial Line winches have successfully balanced the need for a secure grip and line longevity with smooth, controlled easing while under load. Details sailors will appreciate: smaller winches that carry higher loads, stress-free seasonal maintenance, and one-person installation with easy upgrades to power. The self-tailing mechanism on the winch means that one crew member can quickly and easily trim or raise sails.

Like all winches in the Radial line, these new entries have outstanding holding power. When easing, the angle of the ribs drives the wraps down, preventing overrides for a smooth, controlled release. The stripper arm completely covers the winch top and does not rotate, so fingers and clothing won't catch in moving parts. Composite roller bearings reduce friction under load, are corrosion resistant, and don't require lubrication. Load carrying gears and pins are 17-4 PH stainless steel.

Winches can be disassembled and serviced on deck, with captive roller bearings and snap-fit parts lifting out as a unit. A patented stud-bolt mounting option allows quick installation without removing the drum. Some sizes can easily be converted to electric, with the same drilling template used to mount manual and electric winches of the same size.

Available in 1-, 2-, and 3-speed self-tailing or plain-top styles; manual, electric, or hydraulic drives.

Additional Information for this Winch from HARKEN:

Note that these bronze winches are made to order and, as such, please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery from the time of placing your order.  We regret that once ordered, these winches cannot be cancelled or returned to Classic Boat Supplies. Please choose carefully, or request further information/advice if needed.


SKU Size Gearing Ratio Drum
∅ (D)
∅ (B)
Weight (kg) Rope
Fasteners Power1 Harken's Code
070301 20 Single Speed (2.76) 73mm 137mm 148mm 3.9 6-12mm 5 x 6mm, 110mm ∅ 19.20 20STBBB
070302 35 Two Speed (2.13 & 5.65) 80mm 149mm 170mm 5.5 8-12mm 5 x 6mm, 123mm ∅ 13.5 & 35.9 35.2STBBB
070303 40 Two Speed (2.13 & 6.28) 80mm 157mm 175mm 6.2 8-12mm 5 x 6mm, 123mm ∅ 13.5 & 39.9 40.2STBBB
070304 46 Two Speed (2.3 & 9.17) 100mm 184mm 202mm 8.9 8-14mm 5 x 8mm, 150mm ∅ 11.7 & 46.5 46.2STBBB
070305 50 Two Speed (2.4 & 10.9) 110mm 194mm 212mm 10.4  8-14mm 5 x 8mm, 150mm ∅ 10.9 & 50.4 50.2STBBB
070306 60 Two Speed (4.8 & 14.4) 120mm 236mm 246mm 15.4 8-16mm 6 x 8mm, 204mm ∅ 20.3 & 61.0 60.2STBBB
070307 60 Three Speed (2.2, 4.8 & 14.4) 120mm 236mm 253mm 16.9  8-16mm 6 x 8mm, 204mm ∅ 9.2, 20.3 & 61.0 60.3STBBB
070308 70 Two Speed (5.7 & 18.5) 130mm 240mm 256mm 16.7 10-18mm 6 x 8mm, 205mm ∅ 22.2 & 72.0 70.2STBBB
070309 70 Three Speed (2.3, 5.7 & 18.5) 130mm 240mm 264mm 18.2 10-18mm 6 x 8mm, 205mm ∅ 9.0, 22.2 & 72.0 70.3STBBB

1 Based on 10" (254mm) winch handle.

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    Posted by Larry Black on 27th Aug 2013

    These winches will be the focus of attention on any boat.