Bronze Winch - Size 6

HUTTON Winches - Single Speed Standard

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Quality Australian-made HUTTON winches suitable as a snubbing winch, halyard winch or sheet winch on smaller boats. This single speed rachet winch is manufactured with a manganese bronze or black anodised aluminium drum. The bronze winches are also available chrome-plated to suit.

Featuring a cast bronze gear box and an all-metal textured drum, these classic winches come in three sizes (see table below). This winch has a direct-drive one:one ratio where the mechanical advantage comes from the turning diameter of the handle.

The winch is produced with drum bearings and a solid stainless steel metal drive socket and shaft. The handle socket accepts a standard eight-point 11/16" winch handle.

For assistance in choosing the correct winch for your boat refer to the Australian Yacht Winch Co's winch selection guide.

Generous world-wide shipping rates are available with all HUTTON winches (minimum order value applies). Please contact us for details before ordering.

SKU Size Drum Diameter Base Diameter Height Power Ratio with 10" Handle / (Gear) Mounting
230100, 230101 & 230102 Size 6 2-5/16" (58mm) 3-11/16" (94mm) 3-5/8" (92mm) 8.6:1 / (1:1) 4 x 1/4", 2-5/8" (67mm) PCD
230104, 230105 & 230106 Size 8 2-5/8" (67mm) 4-3/8" (111mm) 4-1/8" (105mm) 7.6:1 / (1:1) 4 x 1/4", 3-5/32" (80mm) PCD
230108, 230109 & 230110 Size 10 2-7/8" (73mm) 5-5/16" (135mm) 4-3/8" (111mm) 7.0:1 / (1:1) 6 x 1/4", 4" (102mm) PCD


Mounting Instructions (read with reference to the above diagram)

  1. Using a small screwdriver remove circlip (9).
  2. Lift drum (2) and top plate (4) from base (1).
  3. Decide on winch position. Using base (1) as a template, mark the four mounting holes and drill to take 1/4" (6mm) countersunk screws.
  4. Apply a light coat of bedding/sealing compound and mount base (1) to deck.
  5. Install drum (2), top plate (4) and circlip (9).


To Disassemble

  1. Dismantle as for step 1 and 2 above.
  2. Remove retaining rod (10) and drive socket (3).


Servicing Your Winch

  1. Clean parts in petroleum solvent and check for damage or excessive wear.
  2. Dry parts and lubricate with waterproof grease. NEVER grease pawl and springs - pawls should be lubricated with non-detergent machine oil only.
  3. External Cleaning:
    • Chromed Winches - use non-abrasive liquid cleaner to remove dirt deposits and wash regularly with fresh water. Dry with a chamois.
    • Anodised Winches - NEVER use polishes or abrasives. Wash with fresh water only and dry with a chamois.
  4. Inspect and clean your winch every quarter, or more frequently in a racing season. Monthly cleaning and lubrication of aluminium drums is advisable.